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Cintrage De Tuyaux

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Inoxydable En Acier Ressort De Verrouillage

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Fleur Faux

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Jason Todd/Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson/Jason Todd

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Echoes of You
by: firefright

It’s been two years since the Red Hood came to Gotham in an attempt to force Batman&rsqu o;s hand. Two years since Dick last saw Jason and they shared a night of desperate intimacy he’s since tried and failed to forget. So when the erstwhile second Robin turns up again in Bludhaven - coincidentally working a lead on the same case as Dick - it’s a tense situation for them both. But this particular case is one neither is willing to back down from, which means Dick’s only choice other than walking away is to suggest they work together to solve it.
Artwork for my
DC Universe Big Bang 2016
claim! Such a good fic, and so, so inspiring.

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Faustian Blues


Day 2: Contract with the Devil One or both has made a deal with the “devil”, interpret as you wish!

Word Count: 3600

“You have to say it, Jason.” She continues “Do we have a deal?”
Something deep in you is screaming for you to run. 
You push it down.

What would you sell your soul for?

You first feel it on a Thursday. You’re halfway across jumping to a rooftop when the hairs on your neck prick up and you feel a chill like you never have before. Chills you down to the bones, before passing just as quickly as it’s come on.

You blow the jump and catch yourself on a fire escape, dislocating your shoulder.

Later, when your lover asks what happened, you answer true:

“I have no idea.”

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“ inktober day 25/jaydick week day 2: Deal with the Devil
I love imaging batfam!SPN because you can make a whole new story just by changing which aspect of SPN you want to map to Dick – the angel, the hunter, the one who quit, the oldest...


inktober day 25/jaydick week day 2: Deal with the Devil

I love imaging batfam!SPN because you can make a whole new story just by changing which aspect of SPN you want to map to Dick – the angel, the hunter, the one who quit, the oldest son, etc. And if Dick’s not Cas, who pulls Jason out? 

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Bat!Fam Christmas Exchange 2016!




We are running the com on AO3 again this year, so if you don’t have an AO3 user name please private message me at this account  or send an email to batfamexchange @ and we will get you a sign-up code. [ and we can help you get set up if need be!]

NOTE: Last year tumblr ate some of my messages - if I haven’t replied in 24 hours please send me an email - I don’t want to miss out anyone again!

Tentati ve 2016 Schedule

Sign-ups open - Now!

Sign-ups close - 3rd  November 

Assignments sent out - by 8th November

Assignments due - December 16th

Posting begins - December 18th 


Looking forward to some more lovely batfam fics and arts!

As usual I will prob be rebloging this about a bit, so if you want to tumblr saviour it the tag is:  BATFAM EXCHANGE

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JayDick Inktober Week 2

Day 8 - Rock (I’m just looking for an excuse to draw them as 80s rock duo)
Day 9 - Broken (And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.)
Day 10 - Jump (I love Dick leaving Jason high and dry :x)
Day 11 - Transport (The best kind!)
Day 12 - Worried (”Go ahead. I’ve nothing to worry about.”)
Day 13 - Scared (”We had Haunted House in Haly’s but why iS THIS SO SCARY?!”)
Day 14 - Tree (”What are you doing in my nest?”)

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Between The Bars - 21


RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: some serious subject matter due to the setting: violence and some reference to non-con [not explicit] and racism [no explicit or violent racist language]

For Pentapus

SUMMARY: A number of suspicious deaths at South Haven Penitentiary are being ignored by the authorities, but have attracted the attention of various other parties.


That one time Dick and Jason accidentally ended up undercover on the same mission and started a riot.

Previous chapters: Between The Bars 1-10, 11, 12, 13, 1 4 15 16 17 18 19 20

Chapter 21: Aftermath: Nicola

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